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Baccarat rouge 540 review

baccarat rouge 540 review

I loto 76 seine maritime wear this scent for myself.
I have no idea why this has such great longevity, but it moquette casino las vegas is a welcome bonus.
Some people are anosmic to (can't smell) this scent on themselves.
The longevity of this fragrance on my skin is spectacular.When I first read someone's evaluation of its primary note as burnt sugar, I felt a bit like someone had tried to sum up the Mona Lisa as being a painting of a brunette.A violin sounds pretty thin on its own, but put it into a symphony orchestra and the effect can be stunningly powerful, a lush texture of sound.And this perfume smells like sugar just like the Mona Lisa is a painting of some random brunette.To me, this has a slightly more masculine quality than MFK's Grand Soir, which I also love.It's not a macho scent by any means, but it still has a slight woodiness (for want of a better term) that Grand Soir lacks.I think the longevity of this fragrance should be measured like nuclear radiation, not like perfume.
I find it a warm, sophisticated scent that I can detect constantly and which gives me great pleasure every time I sniff.My girlfriend likes it but isn't in love with it like I am (she prefers Grand Soir).I have some overspray that ended up on the collar of my bomber jacket three days ago.I can't promise you will love.Similarly, reducing this perfume to a cursory description of one of its primary notes (sugar or saffron) is doing it a grave injustice.It may be technically true, but it's an extremely limited explanation that doesn't do justice to the work of art.Nonetheless, I'm seriously considering buying MFK's family size flacon (200ml) so that I can spray it more lavishly.Not surprising, given the longevity on my skin, but impressive all the same.All I can say is that Baccarat Rouge 540 beats all of them hands down (on my skin).

I have many other fragrances that are supposed to have great longevity.